Kylie Jenner Pregnant and Alone

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Lex Jurgen - October 12, 2017

According to InTouch Weekly, which could easily be replaced with, according to Rico the guy who cuts your aunt's hair, Travis Scott has abandoned Kylie Jenner in the wake of her pregnancy news. If he didn't think he was the baby daddy, Scott would probably keep tapping her. Second trimester looks good on unmarried twenty-year-olds. 

In Touch's anonymous insiders report that Jenner was truly looking to building a lasting relationship and family with Scott. Though she clearly is not familiar with demographic stats. Jenner was making plans for how the baby wouldl affect her makeup promotions, her family's show, and her Nickelodeon Kids binge watching. While Scott is simply freaked out at the though of being a father. Especially a father of a high profile, TV baby. May or may not be true. It certainly sounds plausible.

[She] can't take the embarrassment of being walked out on while pregnant," explained the insider. "She's devastated."

Maybe for most super young pregnant girls, "devastated" makes sense. For one's who've been starring on TV since eleven and turned out by D-list rappers since not long after that, you expect a little hardening around the sensitive areas. Kylie Jenner would've known to ask Weinstein for a check made out to cash before letting him finish in her ficus. She's no ingenue.

The same InTouch insider notes that Scott will probably come around again once he gets past his nerves. Unlike the previous line of men sticking it to this family's set of midget sirens, Scott seems to have zero interest in playing the role of future comatose black man on the show. Since Kylie Jenner has 10x his net worth, he really doesn't need to do shit. In his absence, they'll film two episodes, Jenner crying about being abandoned during her delivery and Jenner discussing the trials of a single working mom. This seems way to win-win for any tears.

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