Kylie Jenner Out in Daisy Dukes for the Love of Teen Legs

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bill-swift - January 7, 2014

I guess I would expect a girl who doesn't go to school and lives in Los Angeles to have more of a tan, but you know how freakish people are these days about their skin coming into contact with the rays of the sun. Some kind of half-good, half-evil paranoia that means we'll probably never see deep tanned girls any more in our lifetimes, let alone bikini lines if the privacy of the boudoir.

Nevertheless, Kylie Jenner likes to put on a public display of Kardashian type attention getting, even as the youngest pup in the money making litter. She prefers the jean shorts when out and about, flashing her legs and setting up her style as a Cali beach girl, even with the pale white skin. Someday soon she'll join her older sisters in the family business full-on, but for now, she's just got the Mercedes SUV and the shopping and the texting to worry about. Somebody has to live that life, why not Kylie? Enjoy.