Kylie Jenner Naked Wet and Smoking (Hot and a Cigarette) for W Magazine (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - December 27, 2016



In the old days, this kind of video would be referred to as pornographic. And by old days, I guess I mean about ten years ago. That's not a moral judgement thing. I would've loved it as much then too, by any name, this is Kylie Jenner in quite the coming out party. Not that she hasn't been near naked and showing off on many occasions before. And not that this is the end game of where she's headed visually, but this W magazine video presents Kylie really for the first time as full fledged erotica starlet. Minus about an inch of where we need to be.

Kylie smokes cigarettes, barely covers her busting out all over funbags, and gets drenched in water while in a sheer white t-shirt. All the hallmarks of a lust inducing production. There are those moments when her stupid boyfriend appears in parts, but obviously we block that from our imagination as we wish we could from reality. Say what you will about Kylie Jenner. I've heard it all. I've said half of it. She's got a lot to give, even if her game is taking. Enjoy.