Kylie Jenner Couldn’t Be a Better Girlfriend

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Lex Jurgen - November 21, 2016

When none of their Facebook friends are watching, even white Blue State moms confess they don't want to wake to photos of their topless teen daughters mounted on short unemployed older black men. Kylie Jenner rewarded her live-in rapper boyfriend with a naughty picture for his twenty-seventh birthday. She shared it with the rest of the world because that's the only way to make it real. Like the inverse of a secret.

Last birthday she bought Tyga a car. The titty photo seems pretty chintzy since he gets to fuck her in the house she pays for either way. Anal on your birthday. Also, not on your birthday. Even Blac Chyna didn't carry a baby to term until twenty. 

There's no explaining love. In contrast, broken celebrity families with exploitative alpha moms have a very specific pathology. It's not that these women can't love. It's simply not as fulfilling as money or attention. How much for your daughter? I appreciate you not pretending you don't know what I mean.

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