Kylie Jenner Chesty Corset and Artistic Exhibitionism

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bill-swift - April 6, 2016

While this particular photoshoot certain exceeds my personal tolerable limit of artistic expression, it's impossible to deny that any visual product that features the barely legal curves of Kylie Jenner and her genetically programmed need to be ogled, is something worth wading through art school novelty obligations. 

Featured in Paper magazine. Kylie Jenner slips into a few things decidedly less comfortable to continue her near daily onslaught on the leering set of her undeniably Kardashian body. She doesn't quite have all the enhancements of her older half sisters, not yet, but she packs a heaping helping of bodacious attention getting fun parts into all of her works, both public and privately shot. Kylie has been training for these moments since training bra days. The time has finally come for her to take her rightful spot in the Valhalla of exhibitionism next to her other family members. Will Kyle ever amount to more than a sexastic showpiece? I think that's the wrong question. More aptly, what comes next and how naked? You see how simple life can be when we're completely honest. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Paper Magazine