Kylie Jenner Bikini Body Show Off

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bill-swift - April 28, 2016

Kylie Jenner and the word shy do not belong in the same stence. Not even the same world really. The youngest of the Kardashian clan literally raised on showing off and exhibitionism, has taken to barely legal adulthood by applying her learned trade and family business rearing in the most daily of hot revealing ways. This is the manner in which we the gentleman ogling public benefit from an entertainment form that we might otherwise find far outside our purview. Trust me, my purview is wide.

Kylie's new favorite form of titillation has been Snapchat where there are few rules save for one mostly stupid one about obvious nudity. What can you do when the world is crazy and you're sane. Nevertheless, Kylie gets right on the borderline with various bits of revealing bikini boobtastic and booty shots, including a nice little video of her not so little body. I'd complain about the downfall of society even more if I wasn't reveling in its benefits. I'd hate to be labeled a hypocrite. Also, the Journey is blaring on the home audio system. It's go time. Enjoy.

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Photo Credit: Snapchat