Kylie Jener DropOne Boobtastic Getting Bigger

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bill-swift - February 22, 2017

Kylie Jenner took her turn at the DropOne promo shoot and silly clothing line her sister Kendall did a week earlier. Only Kylie has a different shape than her slightly older sister. More rounded you might say. And those rounds seem to be growing by the month, or at least one big leap forward in the size department.

These clothes aren't as showy as the girls usually wear out to the clubs and their promotional appearances, but while Kendall wore them see-through, Kylie's wearing them barely contained. The Jenner girl who most resembles a Kardashian is pushing the limits on the stretch worthiness of her apparel. One day, she'll bust right out. We'll be there with cameras and sketch artists. One young woman's pimping campaign is another gentleman ogler's sight to see. Enjoy.