Ksenija Lukich Hard Nipples And Proud In See-Through Top and Bra

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elliot-wolf - January 15, 2019

Ksenija Lukich has a smile that stains my memory. In addition to her ridiculously hard to pronounce name and hot body, it’s one of the things that I instantly remember about her. There’s just something about her that makes you want to say Hallelujah! five times fast. How well she’s put together is something to definitely thank the Lord for. I feel like my prayers have been answered and I didn’t even ask for anything. Thank you to the Big Guy upstairs for crafting such a lovely creature.

There goes my theory in action again. Another hot lady, Lukich, lurking around on a red carpet. I need to start selling red carpets asap. I’m a few seconds away from temporarily borrowing my grandmother's rug and dying it red just to lure Lukich my way. I know my grandma won’t mind. She’s been a team player before in my many other schemes. Reluctantly at first of course. But then the Alzheimer's kicks in and she forgets what she was even mad about in the first place. Helping me score a hot lady is the kind of assist that every man can use from their grandparent.


Photo Credit: Instagram / MEGA / Splash News