Krysten Ritter Out In Sexy Leather And Thigh-Highs

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aldo-vallon - March 7, 2018

I cannot remember the last time I saw so much black on a white girl without also getting the goth vibe from her, but somehow Krysten Ritter pulls it off. I am having flashbacks to high school where I would see the goths huddled together in the halls. It’s strange, for a group of people that were supposedly obsessed with death, they sure did seem to have an obsession with public displays of affection. I’m just saying, I was not suicidal back then and even I did not have a desire to suck face for three minutes between classes. I am beginning to think that they were only doing that stuff for attention.

I am not one for flash in regards to my clothing, but I love Krysten’s jacket. I know I do not have the desired chesticles to pull off that kind of flair, but maybe in another life I will be reincarnated as a big boobed lass capable of wearing such a dazzling leather jacket. If I tried to do it now I would end up being given unsolicited directions to the nearest gay bar. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but I am still optimistic to land something of the opposite sex.


Photo Credit: Splash News