Kristen Stewart Sexy Aroma Hawking

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bill-swift - September 6, 2017

Granted, Kristen Stewart may seem a bit high maintenance what with her furrowed brow, aloof comments, and lovely lesbionics with Stella Maxwell, but when it comes time for the spotlight, Kristen turns it on like few others formerly in ripped jeans and a wife beater. She dresses up nice.

She also gets paid to be an A-list fashionista. So she can't totally commit to what she calls her distaste for the glitz. As in this Chanel fragrance promo. Not sure what any of these hot and alluring pictures of Kristen have to do with eau de toilet, but I'm certainly smelling something. I think it's my own scent of desperation. Egad.

Kristen remains the muse of many, the hottie of certain men's dreams, even if she wants nothing to do with them. I'm okay with that. Some men just like to watch. Maybe we could work out a spa day for me, you, and Stella. I'll hold the towels. This could be wonderful if you only let me direct and we play the silent game. Put me down for six cases of this perfume. I'd buy anything from you. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Chanel Gabrielle