Kristen Stewart Isn’t an Immortal Romantic, She Killed True Love For Everyone!

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bill-swift - July 27, 2012

Kristen Stewart's infidelity means only one thing: true love is dead. Yup, we're calling it folks. The concept that love is a real, lasting, and eternal thing is no more. True love has been on life support for a while, but now horse-faced Kristen Stewart pulled the plug. You may love your girlfriend or spouse now, but sooner or later she is just going to cheat on you with a middle aged director. Poor Robert Pattinson can't even get out of bed to spends hours gelling his hair to make it look like he never got out of bed.

Kristen Stewart and Twilight once made girls, unsatisfied middle-aged women, and pasty teen boy fetishists everywhere think that it was possible to meet your soul mate. Sure, they may be a whiny emo supernatural creature who constantly puts your life in danger. Yes, they may act like creepy stalkers that sneak into your room and watch you sleep, but the love was real! It doesn't matter if you have a terminal case of man jaw and a constantly bored expression on your flat face, they love you anyway. Now we all know it was all just a lie. "Inconstancy, thy name is Stewart!" If love isn't real, then what's the point of living? We might as well all just become hedonists that sleep with whatever vampire, werewolf, or shape shifter comes our way. In other words: Twilight is dead, long live True Blood!