Kristen Stewart Looks Hot, No Kidding, Super Hot, for Vogue

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bill-swift - January 19, 2011

I'm not one to jump headlong on the Kristen Stewart bandwagon. I mean, there's the fact that she's mostly famous for a series of movies that even the inner fantasy romance writer in me can't bring myself to see. She's got the bird flipping angry cigarette smoking teen girl angst thing going on, and, let's be real, that's annoying. She also made an enormous deal about being naked in Meet the Rileys, only to, well, not be naked in Meet the Rileys. That all being said, damn, she looks smoking hot in these Mario Testino photos of Kristen Stewart for Vogue magazine. Like, second stage hotness, not just the first stage that burns off after take-off, but the second stage of hotness, that keeps up with repeat viewings, and repeat I am indeed. I like this version of Kristen Stewart. I like it a lot. A few less articles of clothing and I could be in full lust. Enjoy.