Kristen Bell Pimping Hot in Vegas

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bill-swift - March 10, 2012

It seems unlikely at this point that we'll be seeing blonde cutie Kristen Bell showing real skin in her new Showtime series House of Lies. A little bra and panties and a little dirty dancing from time to time, yes, and thank you for that, but no real flashing of the funner parts. That is a shame, though not entirely unexpected.

However, with a new show comes new promotions and a busy publicity schedule, including sending Kristen looking all kinds of innocently alluring to pimp the opening of something or other in Vegas yesterday, The fact that we so dote on Kristen even though she won't take off her clothes gives you some hint of our underlying feelings of faptastic affection for the actress; so, yeah, any time she's smiling in a shorter skirt, we're going to leer and dream. Enjoy.