Kristen Bell Flashes Butt Crack Before Bike Ride in Pink Pants

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bill-swift - May 14, 2012

It's funny, because just the other day I was thinking to myself, I wonder what the heck that hot Kristen Bell's buttcrack looks like when flashed in public. (Somebody has to wonder about these things; I mean, it's a dirty job, but it pays almost a third of my rent.)

Well, lo and behold, or lower and behold, the oft-working blondie TV actress with the hot little body was squatting down to kis a pooch before a bike ride and she want all sextastic plumbers butt on us, and remind us, at least reminded me, exactly where I'm going to be secreting the Medium sauce packs from T-Bell when I take Kristen back to my love shack with nothing but a dozen-chalupa sampler and some very bad intentions.

Oh, heavenly crack! (Now I sound like Whitney a bit). Enjoy.