Korrina Rico Cleavage in Pink at ‘Pretty Little Things’ Launch Party

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rusty-mattis - August 21, 2017

Let me tell you something, from the bottom of my heart, Korrina Rico is super duper sexy. I'm telling the truth, the proof is in the pink dress. Korrina Rico is a knock out, knock down, knock it out the park hottie!

You might think I'm overselling it here, but I'm barely scratching the surface. I don't think we've come to a point where we have fully understood Korrina Rico's hotness. I don't know when it will happen, I don't know how it will happen, I totally know why it will happen (because she's hot), but there will come a day when Korrina Rica's full and total hotness will be seen by the world. I'm not trying to sound like a crazy man, shouting crazy prophecies, but I just get that feeling in my guy when it comes to Korrina Rica. You probably get that feeling too. You gotta admit though, it would be pretty cool to be the hotness psychic. You'd know when the hotties like Korrina Rica would be at peak hotness and you'd get to see it before everyone else. I'm gonna go hit myself on the head while staring at these sexy pics of Korrina Rica to see if I get hotness super powers.

Photo Credit: Backgrid