Kirsty MacClaren Bikini Pictures Gain Instant WAG Incredibility

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bill-swift - June 26, 2013

On her honeymoon with British football star Darren Bent, Kirsty MacClaren earned herself immediate WAG credentials by flashing one bodacious killer curvy body in a tiny purple bikini in Barbados. The newlywed looked ready to bust out of her two piece, through a combination of freshly married making of the sexy and just happy to be a British person finally out in the sun. Her boobtastic was a poppin'. Much to the delight of gentleman oglers and I suppose soccer fans everywhere.

You know we take our professional sports star Wives and Girlfriends quite seriously around here. By that I mostly mean we want to have naughty fun times with them while their husbands are away playing matches. But, in the case of Kirsty MacClaren, for now, we can sit back and watch her prance about with that S-shaped body and await the inevitable wardrobe malfunction. Enjoy.