Kirsten Dunst Sweats For the Boobtastic She Showed Off in Melancholia

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bill-swift - April 12, 2011

To those of you writing in to suggest that the sexy blonde nude depicted on the rocks in Melancholia was perhaps a body double posing for Kirsten Dunst, well, the world may never know the truth I suppose. But I must tell you, I'm looking at a swelling bit of boobtastic pride in these sweaty Kirsten Dunst pictures from outside her gym and I'm thinking to myself, self, that there sexy bit of sextacity is looking might shapely and fine and those delightful orbs look very much camera ready.  I'm going to ere on the side of optimism and say yesterday's discovery of Kirsten Dunst uncovered is the real deal; she's been flashing those boobs pretty generously in recent movies and I say this is a very good trend in modern cinema. Enjoy.