Kirsten Dunst Showing Off Adult Style Hotness

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bill-swift - March 1, 2016

A big happy time Mr. Happy shoutout to blonde hippy chick Kirsten Dunst who doesn't share in her own hotness publicly like she used to, but when she comes out to play in the alluring category without too much heavy hints of counter culture styling shows again why she transitioned so well from child star into all grow'd up tousled hair hottie.

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In California Style magazine, Kirsten gets into a little bit of sheer dress showoff mode sans bras, allowing for us to peekaboo and dream a big dream about her substantial funbags and hoping we see them once more in some kind of semi-tolerable cinematic endeavor. She's not a shy woman, just a relatively modest gal who only every now and then brings out the big guns to play. Consider me in your targets, Kirsten. More of this, less of clothes, and we will have true magic. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: California Style