Kirsten Dunst Needs a Bra… And Some Make Up… And a Shower

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bill-swift - July 17, 2007

Wow! Kirsten Dunst looks like ass. And not the good kind of ass. The bad kind. We've seen her looking rough before, and frankly, her looks have been going downhill for a long time, but it's never been this bad. And speaking of things going downhill, take a look at Kirsten Dunst's breasts. If those things get any lower, she'll be kicking them when she walks.

Seriously, Kiki, do yourself a favour. Take a shower, use some shampoo, put on some make-up (and deoderant - I'm sure you need it), and then put on a damn bra. It's not often that I advocate the wearing of a bra, but trust me, you might actually look good. Okay, maybe not good, but better, and that's a start.

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News