‘Kingsman 3’ Coming Next Year, Matthew Vaughn Back as Writer/Director

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brian-mcgee - September 24, 2018

While last year's comic book sequel Kingsman: The Golden Circle didn't exactly set the North American box office on fire, the flick ended making over $400 million worldwide, which means that—like it or not—we're getting a third Kingsman movie next November.

The series writer and director, Matthew Vaughn, will return for this threequel, and actually gave an interview with Empire Magazine back in June in which he gave a hint that a potential third Kingsman film would focus on “the conclusion of the Harry Hart-Eggsy relationship.”

Yeah, not much to go on there, and honestly, I still haven't seen the sequel because it's over two hours and twenty minutes, which just seemed like overkill to me. I've also not talked to anyone who has seen it and recommended it. Maybe you guys feel differently about it, but I never thought they needed a sequel in the first place, and they certainly didn't need to figure out some boneheaded way to bring back Colin Firth's Harry Hart, who was shot in the eye in the first film.

As far as when to expect this final Kingsman film, 20th Century Fox announced that the film's release date will be November 9, 2019. Look for a title announcement and other info to follow over the next 14 months.