Kindly Meyers Barely Covered Bosom In Santa Monica

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bill-swift - February 20, 2016

As I've mentioned, if you're name is Kindly and you have the body of  a blonde goddess, you're already two paces well ahead of your competition. I wish my parents had more creativity in naming and had gone with Muscles or Boner Boy instead of just Bill. Maybe the latter as more of a middle name. Kindly speaks to a woman who likes to share the blessings granted to her, and share she does in this rather noteworthy view of her barely covered mams on the beach in Santa Monica.

When Kindly Meyers shirt comes off, she's left with nothing but one very lucky hand splayed over one very bodacious ta-ta to keep everyone from being arrested for being totally awesome and more fun than anyone else on the public beach. That is a crime now. But there''s nothing criminal about Kindly's female form, pimping water, making it rain in the visual wonderment sense. One day, we'll see all of Kindly. Then she'll be Super Kindly. Get it? They're not all gems. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet