Kimora Lee Simmons Bikini Pictures To Torture the Ex in Barbados

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bill-swift - December 28, 2011

I remember once being invited to a party where I was told I was going to run into an ex-girlfriend. Now, mind you, most of my ex-girlfriends are in prison for long stretches, so the thought of running into a legally non-incarcerted old-flame, despite news she was with somebody new now, well, the male ego took a decent kickstart. So, like any dude, I did a ridiculously unwise number stomach crunches for a couple days leading up to the party, lifted the heavy dumbbells, hit the Gazelle to some Tony Little tapes. I played strong through the pain. At the party, I ran into the ex, there with her very much in love new girlfriend. She thanked me for unintentionally showing her that she truly was meant to be with women then she punched me playfully in my half-ruptured stomach which made cry like a little girl child. It truly did not go as planned.

Running into ex's is a risky business. But Kimora Lee Simmons seems to know how to handle it better than I. The former Mrs. Russell Simmons is in Barbados on vacation with her new boyfriend and getting set for a holiday reunion with Russell, who arrived on the island yesterday with his new hottie young girlfriend, Aussie actress, Melissa George. So Kimora did what any woman would do, she got herself into some great shape, put on a small bikini, and started strutting her stuff to show the former boss man what he's now missing. It's old school. And we like it! Enjoy.