Kimberley Garner Sports A Casual Look On Vacation

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aldo-vallon - January 12, 2018

 Is this really what this woman looks like when she is traveling? How can that be possible? I have accepted her as a world class beauty in large part due to the belief that she put hours of work into her appearance. If this is her at her lowest effort then I think I need to alter my previous label of her. She is not world class, she is out of this world. There are women out there that are basically caking makeup onto their faces and they cannot hold a candle to Kimberley. They probably should not hold a candle to their own faces either because some of that makeup has got to be flammable.

When I travel I wear old sweatpants and an ill fitting t-shirt. I try to make sure there is no metal on me so that getting through security is easier, and it serves the double purpose of being extremely comfortable. Kimberley, however, is putting me to shame. There was a time when it was common for people to dress up when traveling. They'd be in suits and dresses, and it was quite the affair. Now the rest of us look like the police raided our homes when we were watching American Idol and needed to make a quick getaway without the chance to change clothes.  


Photo Credit: Backgrid USA