Kimberley Garner Masked Hottie At Masquerade Ball

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michael-garcia - July 22, 2016

British TV personality Kimberley Garner was smoldering hot in a mask and showy dress at Masquerade Ball. Back in the day rich people would have masked balls where all kinds of debauchery would take place. The idea being that no one knew who you were so you could get your freak on. We know it is Kimberley if for nothing else than we could spot those chichis out of a lineup. Her perfect melons were left braless under her silky plunging neckline dress. The cleavage was incredible with just a hint of sideboob. The other prominent feature was the long slit up the front that gave us a bird's eye view of her long, sultry legs. What I wouldn't give to have those wrapped around me in the morning.

They should really bring back masquerade balls. Then we could go have Eyes Wide Shut style weekends up in giant houses in Connecticut or whatever. I'd be down with that. But where can I get a cloak in Brooklyn?


Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews