Kim K’s Hard Nipples Covered in Jewels For Star-Studded Tiffany Party At Studio 54

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brian-mcgee - October 10, 2018

Once upon a time, Studio 54 is where sexual fluidity and hedonism reigned supreme. Now it's host to parties thrown by Tiffany & Co., and nothing says free to be you and me quite like a diamond seller. Kim Kardashian was there sporting a pair of pokies along with a smattering of jewelry that would make Solomon blush.

I used to marvel at how Kim was able to stay in the spotlight, but I now understand it's the she never leaves it. She hasn't spent a moment out of the spotlight, which is both admirable and terribly sad. To think that every move you make, every single thing you do, is being watched by people has got to give you more than a little anxiety.

She's probably got an insulin pump filled with Xanax or something. I don't know how else you go through the day with everyone watching everything you do and say, and later scrutinizing it in exceedingly dull "think pieces." Me, I guess I'll just keep reporting the facts and ruminating on things.

As for Kim, she will continue to serve the lord. The lord being either Satan or Kanye. It's always been so god damned hard to tell the difference.

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Photo Credit: Backgrid USA