Kim Kardashian’s Pink Slip

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elliot-wolf - August 19, 2018

Bubbles baths are nice, but the best kind of bathing is sunbathing as I always say. Because it brings the hot women out in all their glory. And who’s hotter than Kim Kardashian. I would like to know if Kim qualifies to be celebrated in the body positivity movement because I feel very positive about life after looking at her body. Especially when she’s dipped in pink like a seductive strawberry coated popsicle. I’m not sure if her outfit is for fashion, for yoga, or for saving the day since she also looks like a superhero minus a cape. I’m about ready to get myself stuck in a tree just so she wanders my way to help out. I can always use a hero when they look like her.

I wonder if the ship she’s on has a captain. If not I’d board her boat quicker than a Somali pirate. But I wouldn’t be there in search of booty or looting doubloons. What I want to hold captive is her attention, then steal her heart. She’s a woman I’d be willing to take risks for. I’d throw any scoundrel that dared to get into between us overboard. With a life jacket of course. Because I’m not a mean guy.

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Photo Credit: Backgrid USA