Kim Kardashian Works the Moosh from Her Tush As She Attempts to Downsize Her Moon in Miami

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bill-swift - November 7, 2012

Sweat, Kim, Sweat.

Both highly skilled and trained genetic researchers and a guy like me with an eighth grade distance learning educationl equivalent can tell you that Kim Kardashian and her clan are DNA-bound to the bodies of full-bodied ladies, were it not for the speedy diet powder and the cleansings and the starvation, Kim would have already achieved her chunky destiny. So it's not quite fair to say that Kim is getting fat, so much as it is to say that Kim has temporarily halted extreme measures to keep herself from getting fat. We can respect that in some weird kind of guys don't know shit way.

As for Kim, she was surrounded by cameras (which is like crack to a crackwhore for Kim) as she made her way for a workout in designer sports gear, an attempt to shed some lbs. the old fashioned way, a little sweat and some gym bathroom purging. We'll know in a month or so whether she's made her way back across the BBW line or not. Enjoy.