Kim Kardashian Takes Paris By Storm, Or Cleavage, Or Cleavage Storm

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bill-swift - June 21, 2012

Sometimes now when I see Kim Kardashian and her new latest and bestest boyfriend ever, Kanye West, in their color coordinated outfits, ambling the promenades of various cities desperate to get attention, I throw up just a little bit on my girlfriend's cat.

I know it's true love this time around, or until such time as the People magazine check clears for the next wedding exclusive photo rights, but I just can't help wanting to punch both of them in their respective vaginas. Having said that, for real, I would never strike a woman (Kanye's vagina is totally still on-limits), cosplay spankings are as far as that goes, and we really do try our best to mildly objectify Kim as a hot-bodied sextastic object, as it's really the only option left open to us. So, yeah, we notice her in Paris flashing her cleave whilst buying various items of apparel made from the flayed skins of animals.

Without her chest puppies, Kim would instantly be 89% less interesting, with her butt and her smutty schoolgirl secrets accounting for the remaining 11%. Enjoy.