Kim Kardashian Showing Off Her Moneymakers for Money in London

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bill-swift - November 11, 2014

Have boobs will travel. If you're the curvaceous short person known as Kim Kardashian, a big dollar hair products pimping deal in London means you need to have nice looking hair, and even nicer looking tomatoes on the big reveal. Advertisers want their appearance fee money's worth. If you hire Elsa for a Frozen birthday party for you little girl, Elsa better look super blonde and sing Let It Go. Kim Kardashian better flasher her large mammaries in some kind of expensive, but revealing dress. This is the business covenant.

Kim and sister Khloe were pimping something called Hairfinity in London. It sounds like some horrible nightmare scape in a Clive Barker novel but i'm guessing it's mostly just ineffective hair care products in fancy looking bottles. Either way, the idea is when you look directly into Kim's mega nuggets, you will be too confused to remember anything but your credit card number. I'd mock it more, but it keeps on working. Sometimes evil plots do pan out. Enjoy.