Kim Kardashian Shopping for Expensive New Cars: Faptastic or Just Plain Fat?

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bill-swift - November 1, 2012

Hmm, we're on a fine line here. Despite our generally nauseous consideration of mega-merch pimping attention ho' Kim Kardashian, we've always had the 'but I wouldn't kick that fine curvy thang out of my bed' guy fallback position. But, lately, Kim's been hitting the pudding bucket at the Sizzler' salad bar a bit heavy and her curves are beginning to explode.

Decked out in one of her multi-thousand dollar designer outfits at a Miami high-end car dealership, Kim flashed some serious body esses, but is it past the point of bootylicious and into the realm of 'baby needs to take a break from the feedbag' territory. Only you, our dedicated and smartest readers on the Internet can decide for sure.