Kim Kardashian Roughs Up Internet With Topless Instagram

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Sam Robeson - January 26, 2018

Now that we've already seen the goods about forty-five times, Kim Kardashian doesn't really possess the power to break the Internet, but she's sure doing whatever damage she can on Instagram. The majestic centaur isn't letting motherhood slow her down, and for this recent pic whinnied up in front of the shitter to take a picture that fascinated medical researchers are currently adding into their dissertations. Under the chapter "Just For Laughs."

This girl can't put her arms down by her sides without having them stick out like a triangle, but in this pic she still doesn't look as much like a waist-trained avocado as she did in those tit-centric beach candids from Wednesday. I mean maybe she had just dropped a twenty-pound load in that toilet before she took this Instagram snap, but my guess is that Photoshop had to endure yet anotherĀ go-round on her curves. There's the real #MeThree! victim. Kardashian's off-shore bot followers are saying things like "Body goals," "Gorgeous," and "Hell yeah Kim! If I had a body like that I will show it off. Hard work pays off." At least I hope they're bots, because if they're actual people I don't want the Internet to exist anymore.

Head HERE for the NSFW-ish pic

Photo Credit: Instagram / Pacific Coast News / Splash News / Backgrid USA

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