Kim Kardashian Revamps Her Public Image the Only Way She Can — a Sextastic Photoshoot for Esquire (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - February 2, 2012

Okay, we must give credit where it's due, and when the supercilious, money-grubbing, unrighteously indignant Kim Kardashian is able to focus all of her pimping energies in the direction of simply being kind of quiet and looking hot, she can do that pretty damn well. I mean, there is a reason she makes herself a fortune and it's not because she's hard to look at.

In this month's Esquire magazine Latin America issue, Kim Kardashian shakes her various moneymakers for the cameras and just this sneak peek behind the photoshoot is enough to let you know that whatever IQ points the girl was denied in life clearly went into other assets with an even higher financial return. Enjoy.