Kim Kardashian Not Afraid to Drop Monster Cleavage Bomb at Somber Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Party (Even Britney Is Eying Her Funny)

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bill-swift - February 14, 2012

Here's how I think Saturday night went down for Kim Kardashian.

About noon time, she starts squeezing into her spanx and dress for the Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Party at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, a rather inexplicable invite to begin with considering Kim Kardashian's sole contribution to the world of music is Jam, Turn It Up, and playing human slide trombone for a handful of R&B music artists.

After hours of her stylist and wardrobe assistant and make-up artist working her over, and Kris Jenner reminding her daughter that condoms are important if you're sleeping with anybody under a $50 million net worth, Kim looks in the mirror and realizes that her bountiful funbags and body look the height of perfection, the absolute bomb for stealing the show. Then, Whitney Houston dies upstairs in the hotel. And suddenly the big Clive Davis pre-Grammy bash goes from player-fest to funeral-mood. But, there's no way in hell Kim's changing out of that dress. And off she goes.

And wasn't Britney Spears, packing some low cut boobtastic exhibitions herself, glad when Kim came along and make Britney look like she was dressed for a memorial by comparison. Just check out Britney checking out Kim's jug-ulars and see if you don't agree with our assessment of what's racing through her Louisiana grey matter. And, do enjoy.