Kim Kardashian Nips In NYC

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michael-garcia - August 31, 2016

The incomparable Kim Kardashian hit the town in New York City showing off her nipples. Because we are talking about Kim K, you know she is going to probably wear something revealing. It's par for the course. But this is on a whole another level. The top she was wearing was sheer around the bosom and she didn't wear a bra underneath. You can clearly see her nipples through the shirt. What can you say about Kim's glorious ta-tas that hasn't been said already? In a family full of fabulous jugs, Kim's are the best. She's the gold standard of funbags against which all other hooters are judged. So, every time we see her nipples it's like we're seeing the very best. They are the Mona Lisa of nipples.

It's still really hot here in New York so I can see why she wanted to let her puppies breathe a bit. It's only natural. 


Photo Credit: FameFlynet