Kim Kardashian Naked in GQ, No Relation to Winning GQ Woman of the Year

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Lex Jurgen - September 3, 2014

Detectives don't believe in coincidences. I'd hate to live in their cynical world. I happen to believe that Kim Kardashian winning the British GQ Woman of the Year award has nothing to do with her agreeing to take off her clothes for a Scratch n' Sniff spread in the magazine. Hmm, smells like burnt rye toast. GQ doesn't use your cliche qualifications like charitable work, achievement in craft, or positive role modeling for its annual award, instead focused exclusively on how many five crown pieces nominees can hold in their twat without grimacing. It wasn't even close. Kim accepted the award then took off her clothes and told GQ photographers to watch her spit out the coins sorted by year and mint. The world can be magical if you only choose to believe.

Photo Credit: GQ, INF

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