Kim Kardashian Leaving Kanye West’s House After a Thorough Banging and Color Coordination

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bill-swift - July 13, 2012

Here's the bottomline. I don't care if you're a pretty bad-as rapper who has knocked boots with tons of hot ladies and you've got the manly trophies running up and down the mantle of your mansions, you simply can not decide it's a good idea to color coordinate outfits with your girlfriend. It's chick behavior and I'm standing quite firm on that point. So, Kanye West, you lose many many points.

As for Kim Kardashian and her hourglass curves coming out of Kanye's house in the morning, well, the woman does put on an S-shaped show that makes you wish it was your front door she was exiting with a funny walk in the morning. I'd still rather self-immolate myself in the streets that wear matching outfits with my girlfriend, but for one night of slap and tickle with that Kardashian badonkadonk, I'd max out my credit cards (though not sure my limit meets Kim's bare bones pricing). Enjoy.