Kim Kardashian Leather Cleavage And More For Birthday Bash

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michael-garcia - July 28, 2016

Kim Kardashian and her sisters all brought their considerable funbags to a party celebrating their grandmother's 82nd birthday. Because if there is one thing 82 year old women love is to see their grandchildren's cleavage showing. But, then again, they do things differently in the Kardashian clan. Kim showed up in a leather dress and no bra with a fair amount of her breasts hanging out. I would expect nothing less from the queen of cleav. Not to be outdone, sister Khloe also wore a dress that showed a lot of her ta-tas as did Kourtney and a very pregnant Blac Chyna. It was basically a plethora of cleavage all there to say happy birthday grandma. 

Not that I'm judging them for it. It's kind of their thing. Asking a Kardashian/Jenner sister to not flaunt their bodies is like asking the birds not to sing or the sun not to shine. 


Photo Credit: Splash/FameFlynet