Kim Kardashian Goes Topless On Instagram

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earl-jonas - January 8, 2018

Society has collectively been navigating Kim Kardashian's curves since she first cozied up to Ray J for some alone time in the Kim Kardashian Sex Tape. Except, not so much alone as watched by millions upon millions of people. Anyway, today our education in Kardashian's anatomy takes another turn for the sexy as she strips down in a sextastic new Instagram photo. Kardashian dips into the hottest fashion trend by doning a handbra to cover up her huge melons, and pairs her en vogue top with a tiny thong. This image is taken from what those in the biz refer to as the money shot, and we're basically privileged to everything besides her meaty pork chop. Hit the link below to check out the full NSFW-ish goodness and let us know if Kim is your favorite porn star in the comments.

Head HERE for the pic