Kim Kardashian Continues to Repent, One Short Skirt to Church at a Time

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bill-swift - February 15, 2012

At some point shortly after her sham marriage was dissolved, and the People magazine paychecks had been cashed, the Kardashian P.R. machine got together for a damage control meeting on ways to stop the inevitable tide of anti-Kim Kardashian sentiment that threatened the $60M a year Kardashian money grab. And they came up with a rather fiendish, if not entirely cynical and idiotic plan. A plan to turn Kim's public persona from cash-hording ho-cakes into a a woman of faith and caring and empathy. Yes, a titanic challenge indeed.

Since that meeting, you can not stop Kim Kardashian from caring about the world. Literally, she's the first one to Tweet comforting and kind words the moment any tragedy happens anywhere in the world. Haitian relief efforts, Kim and her team of Kim-focused cameras are on it. She's handing out God's blessings like a 21st century Mother Theresa. Something bad happens anywhere, Kim is there to pimp sympathy and sorrow.

And she's also taken to church-going. Weekly now. In fact, there's even word she's begun her own bible group with some fellow celebrities. But for all the soul-searched repentance, there is no way you're going to get Kim out of showing off her expensively crafted T&A. Just not going to happen. Hence, Kim's visit to church this past weekend in a rather short and form fitting dress, one that would've had Eve giving Adam more than just an apple.

What next for Kim Kardashian? Children's books? Spiritual greeting cards? Only her P.R. team truly knows. Enjoy.