Kim Kardashian Is Cleavy In Black Lace

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bill-swift - September 30, 2014

Hall of fame hottie Kim Kardashian was sexy as F in a black lace number that she wore to the Givenchy show in Paris. Essentially, Kim was wearing a lace teddy with sheer stockings. I guess she just decided that she was going to wear her underwear to the show and forgo the whole clothing thing. I celebrate her decision to do so. Needless to say that those legendary funbags were prominently featured. Say what you want about Kim, there are two facts that are undeniable: 1) She has one of the most spectacular racks on the planet. The cleavage in this outfit can be seen from space. 2) Her booty is the best butt that has ever been fashioned by mother nature. These are not up for negotiation and are simply scientific truths like gravity or that people with small hands are creepy.

I wake up in the morning wondering what new and exciting cleavtacular outfits Kim is going to wear. I think I need to get a hobby.