Kim Kardashian Brings Her Boobs and Pony Show to Jolly Old England

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bill-swift - November 10, 2012

I'm not sure if Kim Kardashian found some new trans-Atlantic Spanx midway through her flight to London, but somehow the BBW reality star packed herself and her unmeasurable curves into a tight red dress that flashed the better version of her cleavage and mighty bottomside as she captured the attention of man-folk in the Old Country.

We're not exactly sure what brought Kim Kardashian to London, I mean, we know it's money related, sort of like wondering what brings a shark into local waters, it's not the excellent recreational sports options, it's the fish food, but either way, the pimpstress non-pareil gave 'em quite a show in a dress whose seamstress deserves some kind of special recognition for a combination high-tensile sewing and a dash of magic. Enjoy.