Kim Kardashian Both T and A On the Move

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bill-swift - September 19, 2014

Nobody quite carries herself like Kim Kardashian. The original dramatically curved petite celebrity with the accentuated derriere and the accentuated funbags that form an almost perfectly balanced apparatus for ogling. It's as if Kim's body was designed in a laboratory by really smart, and really horny, engineering students who wanted to prove the laws of cantilever by way of things that would give them woodies. Success I'd say.

Kim was strutting around town in a tight skirt and a top that showed off her equally robust pleasure puppies in what has to be her iconic T &A look. That which brought her fame and fortune and, someday, likely arthritis. Nevertheless, it truly is hard not to look. I think people unfairly rate her because of her personality. Alas, if only we men could stop being so un-shalow and go back to ogling her body parts. Enjoy.