Kim Kardashian Blow Off

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elliot-wolf - July 12, 2017

The Kardashians are worse than chlamydia. Every time you think they're gone for good, they evolve and come back stronger. Kim is back. The main member of the American bred Klan took a selfie on Snapchat with what appears to be two lines on a table. Smooth move Kim.

It just used to be dirty mirrors women had to worry about with selfies. C'mon, it's common courtesy to clean up first. Only every little girl in America being raised by reality television considers you a role model. Just imagine this kicked off an epidemic in underaged Kim K fans.

Kim actually denies the lines being cocaine. This could actually be an attention grab or undercover cleverly disguised ad. Who knows. With Kim Kardashian her story could be faker than her ass. But if this is sugar, and kids imitate their parents, why is North lining up her Pixie Stick dust like a bump? So many questions and everyone involved has the mentality of a child. This is the beginning of Kim's fall from grace. Your glory days are gone after you have kids. The only party powder needed is in the confections for kids.