Kim Kardashian And The World’s Smallest Designer Bikini

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rusty-mattis - October 9, 2018

Okay, this is some kind of joke, right? Someone out there is pulling my leg, or should I say our collective legs. There is no way Kim Kardashian is wearing a bikini. Those are eye patches on her boobs. There's nothing there, there's barely in fabric, how can anyone call that a bikini. No one would call this a bikini... so let's figure out what to call it.

Boob patches? Breasts cups? Double Ks? I really don't know what name this ensemble Kim Kardashian is wearing. It's not a bikini. I don't care what anyone else tells me, Kim Kardashian is wearing something new, something undiscovered until this point. And leave it to Kim Kardashian to be one to break new ground in two piece swim wear. Heck, I don't think we call what Kim Kardashian is wearing a two piece, it's more like a one and a half piece. I guess the bottom could have more coverage, but it's Kim Kardashian. She doesn't tend to wear stuff that covers her glorious rump. So, it's probably the tiniest thong any of us have ever seen. So, yeah, it's not a bikini.

Well, hang on here, I haven't considered that it might actually be a bikini, but Kim Kardashian bought one a few sizes too small. We've all been there, you want something so bad, but they don't have it in your size, but you buy it anyway. Though, Kim Kardashian could just call up the designer and have them make her one. Yeah, this isn't a bikini, it's a Double K.

Photo: Instagram