Kim Kardashian Gets Ass Reduction Treatment

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bill-swift - May 8, 2008

I don't think Kim Kardashian gets it. The ONLY reason people "like" her is because her ass is a thing of constant fascination. How did her ass get so big? Is her ass actually real? How come she doesn't fall over more often? That's basically it. I don't think anyone watches her retarded reality show because they are interested in her "life." So why the hell did Kim Kardashian get ass reduction treatments!?

On her website, Kim writes about how she got "cellulite treatment" to get into top shape for some stupid calendar she's shooting for her boyfriend's birthday (and to sell on her website, naturally). It's a lame, and very obvious example of product placement, and makes her look even more ridiculous than before. Anyway, it's not like she even needed the ass reduction, since they could have just done it digitally when they were so obviously photoshopping these pictures.

So what's my point? Well, I guess it's that you have no reason left to care about Kim Kardashian in any way. You're welcome.