Kim Kardashian Bikini Pictures For FHM Reveal the More Sensitive Kim

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bill-swift - February 3, 2011

Nothing new with pretty darn hot Kim Kardashian bikini pictures. The she-bot leader of the Kris Jenner money-vacuuming all-girl army has been designed with nary a flaw to the gelatinous shell that overlays her artificial un-intelligence. What is more unusual is that in its upcoming issue, FHM magazine explores with Kim the underlying question of just how she became famous. Oh, sure, the cynical among us might say that the foundation for her fame came at the non-win end of a bladder expulsion, but then we'd also be missing the countless hours of starving, shaving, shaping, sucking, injecting, and partying that actually went into the 'it' girl cocktail. Should be a good read. And she does wear that bikini awfully well. So, enjoy.

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