Kim K Doesn’t Have Time To Try On Her Own Clothes

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elliot-wolf - September 11, 2018

I thought Kendall Jenner had it rough when she actually had to go through the tedious task of putting on clothing before receiving a paycheck. Kim Kardashian has it way worse. She actually has to have other women with similar measurements try on clothes before she even considers wearing them herself. I wonder what her ad on Craigslist in Calabasas area had read like. “Seeking woman with lopsided botched bum, Play-Doh implants, and charcuterie board midsection available to try on outfits for another woman. Full-time position. Prior experience with wearing clothes a must.”

Kim Kardashian is so busy, she doesn’t even have time to try on her clothes.

The 37-year-old reality star, who was named one of People’s best-dressed stars of 2018, told the magazine, “There are fit models — we have gotten people who have my exact same measurements — and they try on all the clothes, photograph it, do the fittings for hours every day of all the different Yeezy looks.”

I’m really shocked that there are actual people, and not just blow up dolls, on this Earth with the same shape as Kim. Is there a build-a-woman workshop that I'm not aware of?Her life can’t get any easier. Between Kanye hosting the Pornhub awards and admitting on a new single that he enjoys the promiscuous nature of the woman he chose to marry, Kim will never receive any shame for anything she does. Whether it’s being too lazy to try on her own clothes, or having too much money for her ass implants to look like two poorly inflated beach balls wrapped in special order bikinis designed to fit her distorted, fluctuating in size, derrière.

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