Kim Jong Un Ordered His Uncle Eaten By Hunting Dogs

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Lex Jurgen - January 4, 2014

Every dog will have his day. Including Kim Jong Un's hunting dogs who got to eat his Uncle and his top aides who were all convicted of attempting to overthrow the Kim's dictatorship in North Korea. They were also charged with being mean to women, as an homage to the few feminists in the country who survived their latest rounds of torture. According to a Hong Kong newspaper, Kim Jong Un watched on as his ravenous dogs ate his Uncle and Uncle's cronies down to and through the bone. He then shared a large Domino's half an half with Dennis Rodman while the two watched LOL kittens on YouTube. It's kind of sick to order such a killing, but I have to admit, once ordered, I'd probably watch it too. Not something you see everyday in North Korea. It's usually ravenous people eating the dogs.

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