Kid Rock Sex Tape feat. Scott Stapp

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bill-swift - February 17, 2006

Yet another celebrity sex tape has emerged. This time featuring Kid Rock and Scott Stapp of Creed. Adult video producers Red Light District have aqcuired the rights to the video, and are planning to release it later in the year, reports AVN (nsfw). The video features Kid Rock and Scott Stapp "partying and receiving oral sex from several of their groupies while touring nearly six years ago."

Of course, this won't be as fun as the Paris Hilton sex tape, because who wants to see a couple of drunk, ugly rockers, doing it with fake-breasted crap-rock groupies? I certainly do not. If you're interested in it at all, though, you can check out this preview video clip of the Kid Rock Sex Tape. Don't worry, it's pretty much safe for work.


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