Kid Finds A Valuable Bit Of Whale Vomit

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bill-swift - August 31, 2012

You know when you are walking along the beach and you find a $63,000 chunk of whale vomit? Well, that's what happened to a lucky little bastard named Charlie Naysmith in England. He was taking a stroll down by the English countryside when he picked up what he thought was just a pretty rock. It turns out that it is ambergris, an extremely valuable substance that is puked up by whales. It's rare for the whale upchuck to make it to shore, as it's a big ocean the whales have puked into. Ambergris used to be collected during the good old days of whaling, but since hippies shut that down it's a hot commodity. Apparently, they use it as a preservative in perfume. "You smell great, honey! What is that? Whale vomit?"

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